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get your own email control panel

FYI, our spiffy new email services (webmail,POP3 etc.) can also include your own email control panel.
You can add/edit/remove email accounts, aliases .etc from your control panel.

This is completely free and will let you manage all of your email accounts on your own (no more hassling those PepperStation folks… woot woot).

email control panel

Getting your email admin panel going is extremely fast and it’s very intuitive to use. Shoot us an email or call to have it setup. If you have more than one account or domain with us, we can setup your email control panel to administer all of them (Yay!). I think I have the default #of pop accounts allowed set to something like 100. Of course if you need more (really?) we can change this.

If you have never tried your webmail, check it out at:
Its a great way to use your email when your away from your computer.