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some interesting stats

Hi Everyone,
You have heard us talk a lot about email marketing lately. Here are some interesting statistics about email marketing and the impact it can make.

81% of U.S. execs subscribe to industry email newsletters for product information and business intelligence. – Wall Street Journal (2007)

60% of business decision makers said internet and email are the best ways for advertisers to reach them. – Jupiter Research (2007)

30% of small businesses say their image of a vendor improved from the email newsletter received.
45% of small businesses want to receive a weekly email newsletter (34% wanted it monthly).
40% of small businesses want to see “how-to” content in their email newsletter.
– Bredin Business Information (2007)

25% of internet users were most likely to check email upon waking.
33% said they checked throughout the day and 70% of employed respondents also said they checked their personal email at work. 33% said they did so more than three times a day.
– AOL/Beta Research Corporation (June 2008)

And here is our favorite AOL stat….
15% of Americans describe themselves as “addicted to email”. Gotta love that!

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