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new features for Spirit

Spirit for Members got some serious lovin’ recently. This past weekend we pushed up several great features for member sites (and a little something for commerce users too).

We are introducing an ‘additional info’ tab to the ‘my account’ screen which can display any number of custom fields for your members to view and edit. The fields can be hidden, or shown as un-editable text, or editable text boxes, drop downs or text areas. In the admin tool, its a snap to configure the the new ‘additional info’ tab with a new setup screen titled ‘my account’. All fields are available for edit in the member details screen.

Members are also now available to search and display on your pages in much the same way that products are handled. Searches may be created that are based on several criteria (state=,title= ect.) and results can be sorted by any field. Pagination is also supported just as it is for products.

For Commerce and Member users, you can now add custom headers and footers and control the css for the ‘my account’ screen directly from the admin tool without the need to edit your templates.

Very fast and pretty cool. Hope you like it!