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SEO features for your mobile website

We recently pushed up some features that will help maintain your SEO mojo. Search engines are always introducing new meta tags that help webmasters optimize their web sites’ SEO. One problem facing many webmasters is coping with multiple copies of the same or very similar content across several sites, or on the same site. There are lots of legitimate reasons why you could find the same content on more than one URL, but the effect is the same. You end up with multiple URLs competing for the same ranking. This dilutes your SEO mojo and can diminish your hard earned SEO efforts. Meta tags to the rescue! All of our mobile sites now all include features that inform the search engines how to index your mobile site’s content and not compete with content on your other sites.

Adding a mobile site to complement your existing site(s) makes great sense for a variety of reasons. That said, as with any new site, its impact on your SEO should be considered and planned for. We added two new features to our CafePepper mobile website service to help.

First, we made it a snap to exclude your mobile website from search indexing. This, of course, will prevent any duplicate content issues with the search engines and ensure your existing ranked URLs are not affected.

Second, we added the option to tell the search engines the ‘primary’ location for your content. This is the most flexible approach as it allows your mobile content to be indexed and tells the search engines a little more about your site and its content so that it will not interfere with the ranking of your previously indexed content. For the technically curious, this is done with a ‘canonical’ tag which you can read more about at this google post.

Either way, your SEO mojo is safe with your new mobile website. So, feel free to unleash, get creative and share all your favorite content on your mobile site.