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Power of Email Marketing Seminar

Don’t miss this revealing program that will change the way you market your business.


    How email newsletters work with blogs and search engines

  • make your newsletter and blog work together
  • blog marketing 101
  • Improve search engine rankings

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5151 E Broadway5151 E. Broadway
Suite 1600
Tucson, AZ

date: Thursday, September 25th * full *
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date: Wednesday, October 22nd * open *
time: 9am to 12pm
cost: FREE!

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upcoming seminar – Power of Email Marketing

Attend the high-impact, live seminar…

Power of Email Marketing

Date and Time:
Thursday September 25th
9:00am – 12:00pm

5151 E. Broadway, Suite 1600
Tucson, AZ 85711

This practical program gives you a concise, but comprehensive overview of how easy it is to create and send professional-looking email newsletters and promotions. Learn the latest best practices and proven strategies to:

Email Marketing Basics – Discover how permission-based, best-practices email marketing can help you forge strong relationships with your customers, and boost your overall marketing program.

Building a Quality Email List – Why permission-based email marketing makes smart sense for your business, with tips for starting, building, and maintaining an effective list of email addresses.

Creating Valuable Email Content – Deliver content that’s exciting, meaningful, and relevant… at the right time… in the right format.

Getting Email Delivered and Read – Learn about the techniques and technology that can help get your email delivered, and the subject lines that will get it opened and read.

Learning from your results – See who opened your email and what links they clicked on… and use your findings to shape your next campaign to achieve higher delivery, readership, and response.

Conducting Online Surveys – Establish your goals… craft your survey… review and analyze your results… and discover how online surveys can provide invaluable customer feedback and boost the power of your email marketing!

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Learning materials are included with the seminar for your use and reference.
We’ll provide snacks and beverages during the seminar.

Cost: Free!