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Spirit order screen update

Hi everyone. Just a quick note to let you know that we pushed up a few changes to the admin order detail screen. For some time, Spirit has been collecting the page number from which a product was ordered as well as the catalog name from which the order was placed. If you have a product in more than one place in your catalog(s), this can help you understand which product placement was more effective in creating sales.

Now, at the beginning of each product line in your order detail screen, you will see the page the product was ordered from. FYI, this only works with standard product placements, at this time page data is not captured for quick-order products.

We also added the IP address of the person placing the order for your reference. So, if you’re suspicious of an order and the IP address originated in Nigeria, then perhaps some follow up is in order before you fulfill the order. 😉

Finally, several minor formatting changes we made to make the screen a bit more friendly. Here is a screen shot –

Hope the changes make things a bit nicer for everyone. Let us know what you think.