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Introducing a cleaner inbox

A few interesting facts behind your inbox:   Over 98% of all emails zipping around the web are SPAM.  Of the remaining email, only 1 in 7 are from people, the rest are automated messages like newsletters, Facebook updates and the like.  Keeping your inbox clean has been an uphill battle, and each year the hill has gotten steeper.  It is a problem that causes everyone grief.  Companies and their employees spend exceedingly more time wading though piles of unwanted email which wastes time and hurts productivity.  Service providers spend more and more time just keeping the beast at bay.  This past month, for example, I personally spent a full week and a half on email.  Not reading email, or writing email, but keeping our email system healthy and delivering email.

I wanted to up our email game for everyone.  A few of my goals included: eliminating spam from your inbox, zapping viruses and other harmful email before they are delivered, and simplifying the back end management required to keep your inbox clean.  So, I brought in some help.

Rather than providing the same degree of protection as the rest of the industry, we’ve gone one step further and partnered with a company utilizing Commtouch, the leader in real-time email threat identification. With Commtouch’s RDP technology, our network can respond to new threats as they emerge. There’s no racing to write patterns and deploy them across our network, leaving you vulnerable in the meantime. Moreover, Commtouch’s technology enables us to achieve some of the highest capture rates and lowest false-positive rates in the industry.

I’m happy to report that we are now routing all of our inbound mail through this ‘carrier-class’ email security service, which will keep your inbox squeaky clean.  Additionally, we now detect viruses in your emails and attachments, and safely quarantine them from your inbox.

Nothing needs to be done on your end to take advantage of these new services.  I implemented the new filters a couple of days ago and the transition was smooth and without service interruption.  Speaking of service interruption, we now also have redundant email servers to catch all of your mail.  If for some unlikely reason our email service were to become unavailable, email will be seamlessly stored on redundant mail servers waiting for safe delivery once our primary email service came back up.  Nice.

So, spend a couple extra minutes chatting with your favorite barista in the morning. You’ll have the time now that you don’t need to hit the delete key so much in your inbox.

If you have any questions, or if you are currently running your own email server and would like to have us filter it for you, just contact us and we will be happy to help.




get your own email control panel

FYI, our spiffy new email services (webmail,POP3 etc.) can also include your own email control panel.
You can add/edit/remove email accounts, aliases .etc from your control panel.

This is completely free and will let you manage all of your email accounts on your own (no more hassling those PepperStation folks… woot woot).

email control panel

Getting your email admin panel going is extremely fast and it’s very intuitive to use. Shoot us an email or call to have it setup. If you have more than one account or domain with us, we can setup your email control panel to administer all of them (Yay!). I think I have the default #of pop accounts allowed set to something like 100. Of course if you need more (really?) we can change this.

If you have never tried your webmail, check it out at:
Its a great way to use your email when your away from your computer.