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Spirit Commerce now supports “SoftGoods” product download

Spirit Commerce now includes SoftGood support, or the ability to purchase down-loadable products.

Selling music, ebooks, videos, guides and games just got easier! SoftGoods is a great way to save you and your customers shipping and handling costs too.

We built this feature on top of Amazon’s S3 service to provide very reliable, fast, and secure downloads of your products.  Use your own Amazon S3 account and get set up in just a few minutes.

A few notes on the SoftGoods feature:

  • SoftGoods (files) are stored and downloaded from Amazon S3 (simple storage service).
  • Download availability time span may be set per product.
  • Configurable download product links and description appear on the order confirmation page and confirmation emails.
  • SoftGood support is included with all Spirit Commerce plans.
  • To enable SoftGood support, click on the store tab and then select the new SoftGood page. Once you enable the feature, your products screen will include a new section to support product download.

    To learn more about Amazon S3 or to set up an account visit: Amazon S3

    We hope you enjoy the new feature and find it a useful tool for growing your online sales.
    Three Cheers to simplifying your order fulfillment! :)

    Cookie support added to Spirit

    We added cookies to Spirit 3.4.  No, not chocolate chip or oatmeal-raisin, but rather the kind that allow you to link your static website or pages to our shopping cart.  Previously, without cookies, if your visitor started their shopping experience, then they could not leave the spirit system or their cart and checkout information would be lost.  This was not a problem for most folks as Spirit runs their entire site.  A few of you however have had scenarios where cookies were needed to simplify your life.  Well, now you have it!

    To enable cookies, simply log into the admin and select the store tab and scroll down to the ‘cart & checkout’ settings. Check the ‘enable cookies’ check box and you are good to go.  Spirit maintains one cookie which keeps cart and customer IDs only. No other information is stored in our cookies so you can feel safe about turning them on for your site.

    Happy baking!