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Spirit is our content management and commerce platform.

Spirit Commerce now supports “SoftGoods” product download

Spirit Commerce now includes SoftGood support, or the ability to purchase down-loadable products.

Selling music, ebooks, videos, guides and games just got easier! SoftGoods is a great way to save you and your customers shipping and handling costs too.

We built this feature on top of Amazon’s S3 service to provide very reliable, fast, and secure downloads of your products.  Use your own Amazon S3 account and get set up in just a few minutes.

A few notes on the SoftGoods feature:

  • SoftGoods (files) are stored and downloaded from Amazon S3 (simple storage service).
  • Download availability time span may be set per product.
  • Configurable download product links and description appear on the order confirmation page and confirmation emails.
  • SoftGood support is included with all Spirit Commerce plans.
  • To enable SoftGood support, click on the store tab and then select the new SoftGood page. Once you enable the feature, your products screen will include a new section to support product download.

    To learn more about Amazon S3 or to set up an account visit: Amazon S3

    We hope you enjoy the new feature and find it a useful tool for growing your online sales.
    Three Cheers to simplifying your order fulfillment! :)

    Cookie support added to Spirit

    We added cookies to Spirit 3.4.  No, not chocolate chip or oatmeal-raisin, but rather the kind that allow you to link your static website or pages to our shopping cart.  Previously, without cookies, if your visitor started their shopping experience, then they could not leave the spirit system or their cart and checkout information would be lost.  This was not a problem for most folks as Spirit runs their entire site.  A few of you however have had scenarios where cookies were needed to simplify your life.  Well, now you have it!

    To enable cookies, simply log into the admin and select the store tab and scroll down to the ‘cart & checkout’ settings. Check the ‘enable cookies’ check box and you are good to go.  Spirit maintains one cookie which keeps cart and customer IDs only. No other information is stored in our cookies so you can feel safe about turning them on for your site.

    Happy baking!


    Spirit order screen update

    Hi everyone. Just a quick note to let you know that we pushed up a few changes to the admin order detail screen. For some time, Spirit has been collecting the page number from which a product was ordered as well as the catalog name from which the order was placed. If you have a product in more than one place in your catalog(s), this can help you understand which product placement was more effective in creating sales.

    Now, at the beginning of each product line in your order detail screen, you will see the page the product was ordered from. FYI, this only works with standard product placements, at this time page data is not captured for quick-order products.

    We also added the IP address of the person placing the order for your reference. So, if you’re suspicious of an order and the IP address originated in Nigeria, then perhaps some follow up is in order before you fulfill the order. 😉

    Finally, several minor formatting changes we made to make the screen a bit more friendly. Here is a screen shot –

    Hope the changes make things a bit nicer for everyone. Let us know what you think.

    Spirit customer exports

    We have added the handiest of buttons to the bottom of the Customer screen in Spirit, labeled ‘export’. This little button is so useful, it’s hard to believe it wasn’t their earlier. It is now a snap to export some or all of your customer data to an Excel sheet. Simply perform a typical query (or leave search form blank to get everything) and choose the columns you would like… and presto, your customer data is at your finger tips. Need to update your mailing program, just choose first name, last name, and email address and click “export”.

    No fuss, simple to use and quick. Happy exporting!

    Discover Card now competitive with Visa/MC

    Carl, my merchant contact here in Tucson recently told me that Discover Card has lowered it rates and is now very competitive with Visa and MasterCard’s rates.

    Carl Shultz with Card Solutions, Inc. takes care of many of our client’s merchant accounts. If you are interested in checking out those rates, or enabling your merchant account for Discover Card, Carl can be contacted at 520-514-8971. He is happy to answer your questions (no sales pitch or pressure!).

    The Discover Card is one of the credit card options in our Spirit for Commerce software and it is easy to enable.

    As they say, “It pays to Discover…” MO

    upgraded rich text editor

    Just wanted to let everyone know that we upgraded our WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) rich text editor. We are fans of the open source FCK-editor project and use their rich text editor in Spirit and Recordit. Previously, we were using version 2.4.3 which did not play well with Safari and had some other case specific problems for some of our users.

    We have upgraded the editor to the latest version 2.6.0 which does play well with Safari. We have also reconfigured how it generates HTML. It will no longer wrap text in <p> tags and inserts <br /> tags instead of empty <p> tags for break-returns. This should help out folks that were running into problems between their CSS and the HTML made by the editor. Should make life just a little bit better.

    Here is a screen shot of the editor with all its goodness :)


    Spirit cart and checkout now more customizable

    We have sent up more good stuff for Spirit 3.4. Cart, login, and checkout screens can now have customized background colors and font styling. The simplest way to set this up is in the administrator store tab. Look at the cart & layout settings. There, you’ll find some settings that look like this:

    admin settings

    You can also set these options in your templates directly by adding bgcolor=”xxx” or style=”xxx” directly to your cart and checkout tags.

    Here is a screen shot of the Spirit login screen that has a different background color set:
    spirit login

    If you are on Spirit 3.3, now is a great time to ask us to upgrade your site. That said, we will begin upgrading all 3.3 sites to 3.4 later this year.


    new features for Spirit

    Spirit for Members got some serious lovin’ recently. This past weekend we pushed up several great features for member sites (and a little something for commerce users too).

    We are introducing an ‘additional info’ tab to the ‘my account’ screen which can display any number of custom fields for your members to view and edit. The fields can be hidden, or shown as un-editable text, or editable text boxes, drop downs or text areas. In the admin tool, its a snap to configure the the new ‘additional info’ tab with a new setup screen titled ‘my account’. All fields are available for edit in the member details screen.

    Members are also now available to search and display on your pages in much the same way that products are handled. Searches may be created that are based on several criteria (state=,title= ect.) and results can be sorted by any field. Pagination is also supported just as it is for products.

    For Commerce and Member users, you can now add custom headers and footers and control the css for the ‘my account’ screen directly from the admin tool without the need to edit your templates.

    Very fast and pretty cool. Hope you like it!

    new navigation style available for Spirit

    We recently added a new flavor of navigation called “list method”. This new style takes advantage of CSS standards and HTML
    <li> tags to create great looking navigation links for your site.

    You can change the style of navigation your spirit site uses in the admin tool by navigating to setup and then general settings. You’ll find the setting under the section “Site navigation settings”.

    You can check out a simple example on a site we recently created at:
    They have a cool photo gallery powered by jquery thats worth checking out too.

    Spirit gets a speed boost

    We sent up new releases of Spirit 3.3 and 3.4, which significantly boosts checkout performance. Several code and database optimizations were made. These enhancements become more noticeable as the size of your customer database grows. Folks with customer lists over 10K will see the most benefit.