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Recordit makes it easy to capture and manage your website’s forms and files.

send and share large files for FREE (up to 500MB)

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Try our handy new File Upload service –, powered by Recordit. It is absolutely FREE and available now.

how it works:

  • upload your file(s) on our site
  • your recipient receives an email with a link to your file
  • your recipient clicks on the link and downloads the file
  • download links are active for three (3) days

features at a glance:

  • use as often as you like (if you abuse it, you loose it)
  • download as often as needed
  • we keep the file for three days
  • No Spammers. We dislike spammers as much as you do and we aim to protect our recipients.


send large files for free

check it out and tell us what you think. thanks!

Recordit gets a few bonus features

We pushed up some new features for Recordit. First, we added several new configurable options that can now be set in your web form. These include:


We also added the ability to insert download links for uploaded files into response emails and pages. With this feature you can easily use Recordit to send and share large files with colleagues, clients and friends.

Downloads are served directly from Amazon’s S3 service and you can control how long links are active (choose from 1hr to 1day, 1 month etc.)

here is a screen shot of a response email using the download link tag:

upgraded rich text editor

Just wanted to let everyone know that we upgraded our WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) rich text editor. We are fans of the open source FCK-editor project and use their rich text editor in Spirit and Recordit. Previously, we were using version 2.4.3 which did not play well with Safari and had some other case specific problems for some of our users.

We have upgraded the editor to the latest version 2.6.0 which does play well with Safari. We have also reconfigured how it generates HTML. It will no longer wrap text in <p> tags and inserts <br /> tags instead of empty <p> tags for break-returns. This should help out folks that were running into problems between their CSS and the HTML made by the editor. Should make life just a little bit better.

Here is a screen shot of the editor with all its goodness :)


Recordit 2.0 gets a few enhancements

More enhancements have made their way into Recordit. Including, a ‘group by’ reporting feature and faster exports.

I encourage anyone using a form mailer like with their website to check out Recordit. Using Recordit puts all of your information into a database which you can search, export and have a permanent record of your data. All to often, an email can go missing which could mean you loose out on an important customer contact.