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Create fantastic web sites for the iPhone and other mobile devices.

SEO features for your mobile website

We recently pushed up some features that will help maintain your SEO mojo. Search engines are always introducing new meta tags that help webmasters optimize their web sites’ SEO. One problem facing many webmasters is coping with multiple copies of the same or very similar content across several sites, or on the same site. There are lots of legitimate reasons why you could find the same content on more than one URL, but the effect is the same. You end up with multiple URLs competing for the same ranking. This dilutes your SEO mojo and can diminish your hard earned SEO efforts. Meta tags to the rescue! All of our mobile sites now all include features that inform the search engines how to index your mobile site’s content and not compete with content on your other sites.

Adding a mobile site to complement your existing site(s) makes great sense for a variety of reasons. That said, as with any new site, its impact on your SEO should be considered and planned for. We added two new features to our CafePepper mobile website service to help.

First, we made it a snap to exclude your mobile website from search indexing. This, of course, will prevent any duplicate content issues with the search engines and ensure your existing ranked URLs are not affected.

Second, we added the option to tell the search engines the ‘primary’ location for your content. This is the most flexible approach as it allows your mobile content to be indexed and tells the search engines a little more about your site and its content so that it will not interfere with the ranking of your previously indexed content. For the technically curious, this is done with a ‘canonical’ tag which you can read more about at this google post.

Either way, your SEO mojo is safe with your new mobile website. So, feel free to unleash, get creative and share all your favorite content on your mobile site.


How to build a mobile website

Want to accomplish something on your lunch break today? You can build your mobile website! It takes less than an hour and can do wonders for growing your business. Not sure how to get started? Here is an overview of how to build your mobile website with CafePepper.  In the time it takes to read this blog post, you could be well underway. Let’s begin! :-)

Getting started on your account is easy with the following steps:

* Sign up for your free 30 day trial
* Select the plan you are interested in
* Receive a confirmation email
* Login to CafePepper

Now, you are ready to get started on building your mobile site!

Begin by entering your “site info”.
This is where all the basic information for your site goes, such as domain name, address and phone number. Additionally, this is the same page where you can enter search engine keywords and get your redirect code to point your full size website to your mobile website.

Next step – site color and style
This is where the fun begins! Here you can use the color picker to customize the colors for your mobile website. You select the colors for your site tabs, site background, content background, and font – in fact, you have full control over all the colors on your mobile site. Yay!

Next step – site links
Here you just click through the checklist of any links you want on your mobile site. Want to add a map or a link to your Facebook page? This is where that magic happens. Just be sure you have completed the address and phone number for your business in the “site info” tab and CafePepper will know what to do from there!

Now, move on to the “pages” tab in CafePepper.

You’ll notice the “Home page” is already listed as a page for your mobile website. Click on “Home” and you’ll see a mobile phone ready for you to “edit”, “view” or see the “details” of your page. There are two things you can do from the “edit” page. You can “add” new content or “edit” existing content. Go ahead and start with “add” content. (click within the sample mobile phone)

Clicking on “add” content will take you to a text editor. Here you can enter your content however you would like it to appear on your page. Once you are done here you’ll create your new content by clicking on “create”. You can continue to “edit” the page or “view” what your content looks like on your phone!

Continue adding content to your page by either clicking “add” for more content or “edit” for existing content. Clicking “add” will return you to the text editor to create new content. Be sure to hit “create” each time you are finished adding new content. If you choose to “edit” content, you will still use the text editor to change your existing content. Edit your content and hit “update”. Keep “add”ing and “edit”ing content until you are satisfied with how your page looks in the “view” of your mobile site.

Add more pages as you go!

You can keep adding pages and content by selecting “add page”. You’ll want to name your page and decide where it should fall in your website. Be sure to click “add” when you are done so CafePepper knows you are ready to add this page to your site! You’ll receive a confirmation message at the top of the “pages” screen to let you know what you accomplished.

Remember, when you are ready to add or change content on a page you click on “add” or “edit” content within the phone image and you are taken directly to the text editor. Just keep the cycle of “edit” and “view” going for each page you add until you are satisfied you’ve said all you want to say on your mobile site!

The details…

As you wrap up, you can use the “details” tab to review the details for each of your mobile site’s pages. This is where you can rename the page, if necessary. This is also where you can add page specific keywords and descriptions so the search engines can best find your mobile website.

Once you are done adding content to your site, be sure to cut and paste the redirect code provided on the “site info” tab into your full screen website so it can detect when your customers are reaching you via a mobile device.

Congratulations! You have a mobile site powered by CafePepper. Your customers can now easily find your business from their mobile device. Be sure to pat yourself on the back… you are well on your way to driving traffic to your business and making your customers happy. YAY!

Mobile website vs. mobile app

“There’s an app for that”… This phrase, thanks to Apple, has become part of our everyday language. But what does it mean? And what is the difference between a mobile app and a mobile website? Here’s a quick explanation:

App versus Website

An app:
is phone specific
is a computer program
does not need Internet access to use

In contrast, a mobile website:
works on all phones
is accessed via the Internet
costs far less to create and is easily updated.

An easy way to think of the difference is a mobile website is just like a “regular” website that you would surf from home or work, but geared for use on a mobile device, like a phone. An app is a computer program created specifically for your business for use on a mobile device.

With CafePepper, you can easily create a mobile website for your business. You can build your site in about an hour, edit your website on your own, and try it out for 30 days for free. Why not give it a spin?

Why build a mobile website?

Since the launch of CafePepper, we’ve had lots of conversations about what mobile websites are and why it is important to have a presence on the mobile web. According to Pew Internet Research, 40% of adults are already searching the Internet for information via their mobile devices. When a site is not created to be viewed on a mobile device, the customer’s experience on the website diminishes greatly.

So, what does this mean for you?

This means that, ready or not, customers are already looking for you on their mobile device, and your website is most likely not providing the same great experience on their phone as it does your computer. Providing a mobile site made for the iPhone and other mobile devices can significantly improve your customers’ experience and drive your sales conversion.

According to BizReport, the time to act on a mobile site is now; “hopefully, marketers will begin to realize that if they want to attract the next generation of users then an ‘Internet presence’ alone isn’t enough. Today, a ‘mobile Internet presence’ is important, too.” ( Jan 14, 2010). By ensuring your business has a website that can be viewed successfully on a mobile device, you know you are meeting your customer’s expectations in finding your site user friendly.

CafePepper enables you to create a mobile website quickly and easily, keeping your business ahead of the competition and your customers satisfied. Click here to learn more about how going mobile will grow your business.

“Web on the Go”

We had such a good time leading the training class “Web on the Go” for NAWBO Tucson yesterday! We discussed the mobile marketplace, consumer behavior, smart phone technology and building a mobile website. We look forward to our follow up workshop on October 12, 2010. In the October workshop, we’ll be continuing our discussion on the need for mobile friendly websites while providing a hands on site building workshop using CafePepper.

Welcome CafePepper!

CafePepper - mobile sites mad easy

This week we welcome an exciting new product to the PepperStation family: CafePepper!  CafePepper creates fantastic web sites for the iPhone and other mobile devices.  Powered by our trusty Spirit platform, CafePepper allows you to put your best site forward for the surging mobile phone market.

Why mobile?  Two reasons:
First – Internet searches on mobile devices are skyrocketing!
Second –  Because we were SO tired of looking at websites on our phone and not being able get the information we needed.  A typical “full screen” website is not optimized for a mobile device, leaving us frustrated as we tried to surf the Internet on our phones.  CafePepper makes creating terrific mobile sites easy and even a little fun with great features like click-to-call and click-to-map.  We are super excited to offer this service that connects you with your customers on the mobile web and we hope you’ll be excited too.

Check it out! . Let us know what you think! :-)

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