Pretty permalinks for your WordPress site

WordPressAwhile back,  I posted about our support for “Almost Pretty”  permalinks for your WordPress site on our network.   Today,  I’m happy to announce that we now support “Pretty”  permalinks on your Word Press site.  When you host with PepperStation,  your website is supported by a number of servers behind the scenes.  Recent upgrades to our servers and various dial turning and button pushing now allow us to support “Pretty”  permalinks on your WordPress site.

So,  if you currently have /index.php in your permalink structure, and would like to remove it,  feel free to do so.

What are permalinks?  Here is a little refresher from our previous post.

A refresher on permalinks –

Permalinks are the links you can share with others and the search engines for your blog posts.  From a search engine performance point of view,links to your site or blog that contain keywords relevant to your page’s content,will boost the ranking performance of that page with the search engines.  By default WordPress uses “ugly”  permalinks which look something like:

These links while functional,do not have an added benefit of loading your link with keywords for viewer and search engine consumption.  The preferred permalink is the “Pretty”  or  “Almost Pretty”  variety which allow you to create and share links with keywords in them and look like this:

Read more about permalinks on the wordpress site at:

To create links for your blog containing keywords,  log onto your WordPress admin and goto settings->permalinks.  Select a common link structure that you wold like to use and then modify it by adding /index.php to the beginning in the ‘custom structure’field.  You will have a link structure that looks something like: /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%/

That’s it,  you are good to go and now have links that contain great keywords for your blog post.


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