Making sure your email reaches the inbox

I’m happy to announce that we’ve made some improvements to our email system that will help your emails reach the inbox.

Did you know that on average 20% of legitimate emails never reach the inbox?  Frustrating,  I know.  Recently,  we partnered with an email sending service provider to help us make sure that your emails are reliably delivered. offers world class deliverability expertise to make sure your emails get delivered. SendGrid handles ISP monitoring,  DKIM,  domain keys,  SPF,  feedback loops,  link customization and more.

We run all sources of our generated email through the new system.  This includes transactional emails from our Spirit e-commerce accounts,  notifications sent from our Recordit web-form service,  emails generated from your website forms and word-press plug-ins,  and finally,  all of your POP/IMAP account emails.  Additionally,  all of these emails are also run through new spam checks,  which will help keep everyone’s inbox a bit cleaner. So,  a good day for email!

All of these updates happen transparently behind the scenes.  You do not need to update any of your email programs or web forms to take advantage of the new services.  Happily,  it just works.



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