VRCopilot – A Vertical Response partner tool

VRCopilot, a Vertical Response partner tool.

We’re excited to add a new service to our line up designed for any business, franchise, or agency that needs to manage multiple Vertical Response “sub accounts”.

Do you currently spend several hours or even days creating and pushing email templates or credits to your sub accounts?

Do you need to create emails that are highly customized with a variety of fields unique to your business?

If so, VRCopilot will take your breath away!

With VRCopilot you can:

  • Manage a custom profile for each of your Vertical Response sub accounts that can be merged into your emails.
  • Create emails and preview them merged with your client’s profile information. Feel confident that your emails are delivered as you intended.
  • Push emails to any portion of your client list.
  • Push or pull credits between your master account and any selection of your client list.
  • Create new Vertical Response sub accounts right inside of VRCopilot.
  • Save lots of time managing your client list and know what is going on.

VRCopilot gives you everything you need to get up and running quickly with your Vertical Response Partner account.

The simple setup only takes a couple of minutes and will copy all of your existing sub accounts via Vertical Response’s secure API.

If this sounds like it may be for you, start an account and see how VRCopilot can simplify your life.


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